Monday, April 21, 2014

We have a wonderful downtown street here in Colorado Springs. It is called Tejon and is pretty much the center of activity for shopping, eating and strolling around for several blocks. It is walking distance from a couple of famous hotels and you can look west at every corner and see Pikes Peak. Today it is covered with snow - and when the snow is gone ... "purple mountain majesty!" I love my home town!
I remember when my folks would drive us downtown on this very street and park and do what they called "watching the people go by." Sometimes we would get out and let others watch us go by. Great memories of the good old days - when the best things in life were free!
Today we can find the freebies in our back yard ~ and we don't have to go far ...
This watering can filled with silk lavender sits on a shelf under a window right outside the room I use for WSJ office. A family of morning doves built their dream nest right under my nose!


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