Monday, January 31, 2011

My Heart Takes Wings

This is a pattern my mom designed and I loved hooking it! It was one of those weekend hooking projects that I did while my husband watched football. It always works out well because we can be in the same room and enjoy being together while we do what we enjoy.
After I finished hooking I turned it into a pillow. I went and bought an inexpensive down pillow and cut the pillow down to the right size and sewed a seam and then stuffed it into the pillow. As you can well imagine I had feathers EVERYWHERE! I leave out year around on the guest bed.
visit for the pattern.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Thank you Lord for the spring season, boy am I ready for it! I know all my friends in New York are ready! With this cold weather we have been having across the land I can picture all the birds nestled down in their nests and the bunnies cuddled up tight to their mommies trying to stay warm. Here in Georgia the sun came out to warm things up a bit today, it felt good on my face when I went outside to walk around the yard, which I had not done in weeks. It wont be long until we see buds on the trees, plants and new life all around. Until then I will try to stay content with the cold weather and enjoy my hooking knowing there are no weeds to be pulled or dead heading to be done. Stay Warm my friends!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Early Farm

Early Farm was hooked by my mom Bonnie Smith of The Wool Street Journal.
This is a pattern that I sell at my website. It is listed under "Antique" in the pattern section of the website. Take a peek at some of the other wonderful patterns I offer and start pulling loops!

We Look Smart!

Tricia (my dear sister) TC and Me
My sister Tricia is visiting from Colorado Springs, Colorado and we are enjoying our time together!
So much to do in such a short time, visits are never long enough! I have put down my hook and replaced it with taking her to some of the cute shops in the area. How do you decide which to buy a cute shirt or a lamp that is to die for??
Lots and lots of great memories! love you, Tricia!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Wool Street Journal

The Wool Street Journal
January 2011

This is an extraordinary primitive rug hooking magazine for hookers with heart!
It is loaded with rugs, dye recipes, cooking recipes, pictures, tips and lots of inspiration!
Don't miss another issue!
or call 888.RUG.LOOP (784.5667)


~WiNtEr WoNdErLaNd~
We waited anxiously for the snow to come, constantly running to the windows to see if the snowflakes had yet begun to fall. Finally around 9pm the snow started to fall. The boys would check the TV and Internet for school closings and I knew from the sound of shouting coming from the other room that they had seen their school name go across the bottom of the television screen. It snowed all night and when we woke up this morning we had 6 inches!! For Georgia that is a massive snow storm! The boys quickly got their homework done so they could go and play in it. Of course being teenagers playing in the snow is not building a snowman it is a snowball fight.
Time for me to put on the cider for when they come in! I love snow days!!
JT(my hubby) Jake & Nate

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Greatly Missed!

~Yesterday was a somber day for our family and especially for our son Jake. He lost his friend Jack Gardner. Jack battled cancer/brain tumor for many years. It was so hard for Jake to watch his friend suffer and slowly slip away. We reflected with Jake as he told funny stories about Jack and the great memories he has and will hold onto. Jake was thankful that Jack went peacefully and quietly!
We are praying for the family and that they would feel the undergirding of God.

The Three Amigos
On left Hayden Middle Jake On Right Chad

Thursday, January 6, 2011


NeW yEaR NeW bLoGGeR!

So excited to be part of the high society of bloggers!
What an exciting journey this will be to have an
electronic journal!

My morning began early with a cup of coffee while sitting by the fire looking at my latest rug hooking project, morning of my dreams! The house was quiet and the dogs were as content as I was until I disturbed them pulling my rug off my frame and giving it a shake, soon as it hit the ground they were on it... morning of their dreams. As they continue to roll I go to warm up my coffee. It won't be long until alarm clocks ring and I hear feet on the ground of kids getting ready for school. Thank you Lord for another day to serve you!