Monday, March 25, 2013

Mom loves to doodle, draw and ink and sometimes she water colors her art.
She received call from a rug hooker who likes to make her own patterns from
art she comes across. Aren't we all always thinking about a rug when we are browsing?
Her name is Kay and she lives in Virginia ~ she was browsing through some old WSJ
issues and found an angel that sparked her interest. She called mom and said she would
like to hook this angel at one of two workshops she is attending this summer. 
Mom said she would send her a copy of the art... and thanked her for being so honest.
In return, Kay will send WSJ a photo of the finished rug ~ someday. 
Mom will sell a copy of her art if you cannot find it on the website on our pattern page,
and if you want it on linen I will do that for you too.
Just give us a call! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Rug hookers tread here . . . angels too!
If you are reading this blog you love hooking rugs as much as we do!
We know that you have told your story to anyone that would listen . . . 
We are listening and would love to have you sharing your story on the pages of WSJ.
Every story that we have printed is someone just like you... Don't be shy!

Give us a call ~ 888.784.5667 or email us at

We are expecting our phone to ring! Soon!
You will be surprised how easy peasy this is... and fun!

This is the rug that Mom is hooking on right now....


Sunday, March 3, 2013