Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I remembered after I posted about my new hooking chair and foot rest that I should also let everyone know that the pattern on top of the little blue box is available. And, also post a better photo... so here you are!
Go to: and click on patterns and then on antique ~ the name of the patterns is Double Eagles.
Tina also hooked this pattern... watch for her color plan.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Those who have been reading The Wool Street Journal for a while know that I mention ~
my big red chair. Well, I have replaced it ~ it was BIG and took up too much room. Actually,
we had two, one for me and the other one for Mr. Honey... 
So... now we have changed the social side of our main living space... We have a huge sectional so that when folks come we don't have to bring a chair in from the dining room.
It is amazing how long we put up with what isn't working. But for me it is more than just a 
social space it is my hooking spot! So... here is a photo of my new smaller version of a mostly red chair. I am so conservative and safe when it comes to buying furniture ~ not this time! I am so proud of my new risky chair ~ I love it more everyday....

I am so short (only on one end) that when I scoot all the way back in my chair ~ my feet dangle. So I need a stool for my feet. Well, I kept thinking about the new color in our living room ~ the sectional is a robin egg blue like some of the designs in the chair. I remembered an antique box I had tucked under my desk in WSJ office. It worked great to prop my feet on there so why not in front of my chair...? So, Mr. Honey put some pieces of carpet on the bottom for easy sliding and there you have it. 

A couple of days later I tossed a little hooked mat that was on the seat of a rocker and it fit perfectly! This little box fills the spot when my hooking frame doesn't....
I am content...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This is a fun fun rug to hook and my best seller! It is hooked in 7 & 8 strips.You can order by visiting