Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Saturday was beautiful outside in our gardens. 
Sunday not so much. Gray skies.
I took some pictures anyway because I knew the 
blooms from our fall bulb planting would not last forever. 
I want to share them with you and along 
with that share an idea for those who are
not as confident as others when it comes to drawing.

1. We will begin with a simple digital photo. 
Downloaded onto the computer from our camera's card.

2. Next ... I changed the photo to a grayscale. 
I used photoshop but there are a
lot of other image applications out there. 
I printed this grayscale image.

3. Making the pattern is next and is simple ... 
I placed the grayscale photo onto my
small light table, securing it with a piece of scotch tape.
Then, placing a clean white sheet of
paper on top - tracing the outline 
and some details with a fine tip marker.
You can now reduce or enlarge this pattern for 
hooking, needle punch or applique.
Apply it to your backing using your favorite method.
My plan is to create a small hooked pillow for our 
wicker love seat that sits on our back porch.

Now you know how to create a pattern if you are not
confident in your drawing skills.
Just by pushing a button!

Watch for a sample of hooking this pattern 
in a future issue of The Wool Street Journal.

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