Monday, January 12, 2015

I haven't measured it or even taken a picture but the snow
is deep this morning in Colorado Springs. I know
there are some
rug hookers who head for the beach when
winter comes ... I love snow days!!
When I was a little girl they didn't allow girls to wear
jeans and such to school but on really snowy days I 
got to wear my little brown wooly leggings! Mom would
stuff my dress down inside because there were suspenders
attached. There were zippers at the bottom so I could get my boots on.
Such fond memories of the wintery days of childhood. I still think
like that little girl on a snowy day! Let it snow!

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Karen Martinsen said...

Oh wow Bonnie, this post brought back so many memories of those snow pants.
Ours (back then...) were wool...ALL ITCHY WOOL if you didn't have good socks and a long dress to push down in the legs lol
And yes the zippers on the sides. Mine actually had some straps to go under your arch to hold the leg down too.
Such fun!
But did you have plastic bags on your feet so snow wouldn't get down into your socks? Fun days!