Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's traditional to plant gardens on Mother's Day ... 
our squash is sitting by the kitchen sink next to the
peat pots of early planted and sprouted morning glories. 

 A typical Rocky Mountain spring snow ...  
came our way on Mother's Day.
The night before we had to carry all the newly potted 
pansies and the hanging pots of blue lobelia and 
white petunias into the screened porch ~ 
and cover with blankets. 
Outside in the yard a big blue tarp 
makes the lilac bush look like a hot air balloon. 
We left the tall red and yellow tulips to fend 
for themselves ~ they are fine. 
Everything else will get unveiled this afternoon. 
It's hard to believe but the latest safe date to plant 
here in Colorado Springs is June 10. I have seen
it snow wet big flakes ~ melting when they hit the 
ground as late as June 4th! 
Home Sweet Colorado!

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